Contact us for more information about Darling Ingredients. For North America, call 1-972-717-0300 or toll-free at 1-800-800-4841. For Europe, call +31 (0)499-364800. You may also complete the form below.

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Corporate HQ:
Darling Ingredients Inc.
5601 N MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75038
Main Phone: 972-717-0300
Toll-free at 800-800-4841

Corporate SON:
Darling Ingredients Inc.
Kanaaldijk Noord 20
5691 NM Son, Netherlands
Main Phone: 0499-364-800

Darling Ingredients SPEAK UP Line

Call the Darling Ingredients SPEAK UP Line, or visit the , to report any suspected or known misconduct and/or illegal activity 亚洲色欲色欲wwwby or on behalf of any Darling Ingredients employees or intermediaries or representatives of Darling Ingredients to our third-party, confidential network.  The SPEAK UP Line is operated 24/7/365 with translation and interpretation support.  Darling Ingredients will not tolerate any retribution towards a person who files a report in good faith.

1-844-DI-ETHICS ( 844-343-8442

or visit