The Right Functionality for Premium Pet Food

We offer ingredients for nutritious and healthy meals and fats with excellent techno and bio-functionalities. Our techno-functional ingredients are designed to improve texture in all kinds of pet food formulas by providing advance binding and emulsifying properties. Our bio-functional ingredients support the well-being of dogs and cats by alleviating symptoms of allergy and joint disorders and improving gut health. Our fats, proteins and minerals are natural, safe, healthy and sustainable.

Nutritional, Sustainable Pet Food Solutions

亚洲色欲色欲wwwWe are a global expert in animal nutrition solutions that are natural, healthy and sustainable. Our long history producing quality livestock feed and aquafeed ingredients has provided an edge in producing premium natural ingredients that animal food manufacturers can trust. We can provide you with essential and customizable ingredients that will raise the quality of your product, while also improving your sustainability performance.

Understanding What Pet Owners Want

Throughout our long history, we have developed a deep understanding of what cat and dog owners want in a pet food, namely: high quality, reasonable prices, total safety. And we are committed to providing everything necessary to help you fulfill those wants and needs based on the latest market insights. With a complete portfolio of fats, proteins, and innovative functional ingredients, our meat by-products are essential ingredients for high-quality pet food that pets cannot resist.

Benefits for your pet

  • Safe, natural meat ingredients
  • High nutritional value
  • High palatability
  • High digestibility; helps prevention of digestive disorders
  • Joint and coat health

Benefits for the manufacturer

  • Essential nutrients
  • Natural
  • Fully traceable & compliant
  • Consistent quality
  • Wide range of choices
  • Optimize recipes; customize to customer specs
  • Add sustainability, reduce carbon footprint
  • Outstanding nutritional expertise & experience