Partner with the Industry Leader

亚洲色欲色欲wwwOne of the challenges faced by restaurant owners and supermarkets is how to safely and efficiently handle their used cooking oil and inedible meat co-products in a clean, cost-effective way. Our restaurant services division provides our industry's most diverse lineup of state-of-the-art used cooking oil storage equipment in North America, making us the ideal partner to both national chains and independent operators. We are also a grease trap cleaning company, that collects sanitary fat and bone collection as well for North America.

Nationwide Service, Nationwide Care

Providing service in all 50 states across the USA and parts of Canada, we schedule our service calls to meet your individual needs. We can also offer our chain customers contract pricing and consolidated billing of all our offered services. Whether you operate a single location or a vast franchise network, we’ll provide a solution that is right for you.

Your customers will appreciate that you are repurposing your residuals into resources.

Turning Your Used Oil Into Tomorrow's Fuel

亚洲色欲色欲wwwAs the first commercial producers in both the USA and Canada of biodiesel from used cooking oil and animal fats, we helped elevate the value of these feedstocks in the marketplace. In 2013, we began production, in partnership with Valero Energy Corporation, of our Diamond Green Diesel facility – North America’s largest producer of renewable diesel from animal fats and used cooking oils recycling.